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Agricultural Farming

Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of a given economy and it is the backbone of the economic system of a country. Agricultural investment is a very reliable and honest source of income and for an agricultural investment to be successful, there is need for intensive farm management.

Dandave goodies packages company ( Dandave farms) has bridged this gap by providing an investment platform that enables you become a farmer without your physical presence. Services rendered under Dandave farms include, professional farm management system, Swift and reliable return on investment which is second to none, access to landed properties and lots more.

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Real Estate

Real estate business is a business entity that deals with the buying, selling, management or investment of real estate properties. It is one of the most lucrative investment due to its appreciation in value over time and it will be well worth the work with the right preparation and system in place.

Dandave goodies packages company is professionally designed in such a way that her members have access to Dandave estate for purchase with payment plans that are in installments, this payment plan is flexible and suitable to accommodate a wide range of people of different financial status.



Snail farming or heliculture is the process of raising land snails. Snails are used for food while the slime finds use in cosmetics.


Sewing is one of the free training program you will learn if you become a registered member of DanDave Goody Package.


If you are interested in learning how to fix mobile phones/tablets, Register with DanDave Goody Package Company to qualify for this free training.


In Nigeria, vegetable farming is one aspect of farming with the ability to generate income and profits year round.

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